by George J. Dirigo

A winding road leads up the hill
To a beautiful spot, so peaceful and still, 
God's acre - where our loved ones lay
To await His call on resurrection day.

Wild flowers blooming in the spring
Birds in the trees, softly they sing; 
Squirrels playing the breeze, 
Swelling buds burst into leaves.

Radiant Sunrise on the Mississippi River shore
We love this dear spot more and more, 
This beautiful view you now behold
Revered, admired by young and old.

Summer and nature at its best 
In this hallowed spot our loved ones rest, 
The flowers of many different hue, 
The sky above so clear and blue.

It's fall now, where our loved ones lay, 
Trees changing color from day to day.
Everything so peaceful and still, 
That lovely, quiet spot - Riverside Hill.

Winter when cold winds will blow, 
Think of departed friends we know
In this lovely place that nature blest
Our loved ones sleep in peaceful rest.